Indoor Air Pollution In Arizona

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Indoor air pollution is not something that gets enough attention. Pro Solutions Airhas been made famous for our heating repair and air conditioning services.  We are the best A/C company is Surprise, AZ but also are passionate about improving indoor air quality.  Changing your air filter once a month is always recommended, of course; in fact owner — Don Wade has been heard saying that is one of the best ways to prolong the life of your home’s HVAC system.

What often people don’t know is that the air filter in your home is not able to filter the very small particulates, and we end up breathing these in.  As small as these particulates are, they still carry grave dangers.  Viruses are carried in these such as the FLU, VALLEY FEVER, TUBERCULOSIS, mold, fungus and a plethora of other germs most of us do not want in our home, and definitely not in our bodies!  With Arizona homes there is even more danger of harvesting indoor air pollution because of the home being closed for most of the year because of the outside climate, and needing to maintain indoor air temperature through your HVAC system.  Opening the doors and windows defeats the purpose of heating and cooling, not to mention raises the electric and/or gas bill.  Most Arizona homes are closed, tightly sealed and more and more are even tighter sealed now with the energy efficient audits, extra insulation etc…  Although the energy audits are fabulous at sealing the home for maximum efficiency, it also traps in the dust and particulates from seeping through any cracks, keeping that in our homes for us to sit, touch, play, eat and breathe.

Pro Solutions Air recognized this growing epidemic, the summer colds and flu numbers rising and came up with a proven solution!  623.229.4389

We offer 3 different indoor air purification systems that are unlike anything you can buy online or in stores.  Our Air Purification systems use the technology that is in hospital air purification systems; in fact NASA actually developed the technology for one of the products we install in your home, and was actually used on the United States Space Shuttle to keep our astronauts healthy in that small space!  The choice is ultimately up to you on which air purification system yo install in your home.  There are countless situations that I, co-owner of Pro Solutions Air have witnessed, as to the health improvement benefit after installing one of our air purification systems in homes.  I will tell you briefly of two examples, one being my dog who had Valley Fever prior to the air purification system being installed, and another story of a person diagnosed with terminal lung cancer prior to  the air purification system being installed.

  1. ​Subject 1:  My personal dog is a toy chihuahua named Chong.  Chong developed Valley Fever in his lungs and was in very poor shape, having massive seizure after seizure, coughing violently and very lethargic.  Of course I took him to the vet, had him treated and medicated, but there was no guarantee he would survive in the state he was in.  The vet kept him for a day on IV meds and observation.  During that time frame, my crew installed aLennox PureAirsystem on my indoor air handler to purify the air in every room of my home when the A/C was on.  I brought my very sick little dog home who couldn’t even hold his own body up to sit or walk.  Within the week of the Lennox PureAir​ being installed Chong had remarkable progress and lung function.  I was sold at that point.
  2. Subject 2: This is a man who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, untreatable he was told, and he was going to die probably withing the next 6 months.  Another A/C company in the valley actually installed his air purification system.  They installed a product called the Air Scrubber for this man at cost to see if it would help at all.  The next time this man went to see his oncologist, hi lungs were so much more clear because of not having breathed in all the particulates, the x-ray was actually able to show the type of lung cancer he had, WAS TREATABLE!  This man was treated with radiation and chemotherapy, and is alive today to tell his experience of the Air Scrubber​.

Duct Cleaning is another way to assist in keeping you indoor air quality cleaner.  We also seal up any cracks, and have a purification method that kills germs.  We do it all to keep you and your family safe!


Author: ©Tyra Woods-Wade