New Custom Home Build?  Semi Custom Home Build?

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Designing and coordinating engineering, obtaining your own contractors… especially on the bigger homes to save some money is becoming more prevalent.  Pro Solutions Air is masters at installing complete HVAC in new homes being built.  Pro Solutions Air not only installs new units on both brand new and existing homes, but also has a 10 year maintenance and warranty that comes with the install.  We are not aware of any new construction HVAC company to offer this kind of warranty, service and follow through for the full 10 years.  With Pro Solutions Air, as the video clip below shows, the owner walks every job to ensure quality and precision is on point.

If you are in the process of building a new home, or maybe even an addition to your existing home, please give us a call and let us offer you a quote to install or modify your HVAC needs.


Tyra Wade