Are You Dirty?

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Are you the person who has the perfectly cleaned house at all times, with nothing out of place?  Are you the person who leaves dishes in the sink overnight and tries to get to the housecleaning every week?  Either way, your air conditioning coils, if not properly maintained don’t discriminate.

  What does that mean you ask?

Your air conditioner and heater  unit has coils.  All units are a bit different; some units sit on the roof, while other units are split– part of it outside, and the other part in an attic or closet.  If you are like most homeowners, these coils are not something that is on the tip of your mind because, for the most part they are unseen.  If these coils go untreated, and get caked with dirt, your unit will have to run harder to push the restricted air through the coils being restricted by the caked on dirt.  This severely causes your unit to fail prematurely.

Wait A Minute… What About My Indoor Air Quality?

Great Question! 

Indoor air pollution is another one of those things not thought of too much because this also, is unseen.  With Arizona homes being closed up for months at a time, dust, germs and even viruses can remain in the air you breath.  Have you noticed the amount of summer colds in Phoenix?  Hospitals, dental offices and a lot of preschools are aware of the indoor air pollution problem and have installed indoor air purification systems.  There are many different kinds; everything form the Air Scrubber to Lennox Pure Air and more++.

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Tyra Wade | 03/07/019