Could Your Heater Be Broken And Still Producing Heat?  YES!

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Are You Noticing Higher Than Normal Energy Bills?

While the heater or heat pump may not be the culprit, there is a good chance it is.  But Wait, it is still blowing out cold warm you say?!

The good news is that an unexpected large energy bill could actually be protecting you and your family by warning you you home’s heating system is on the brink of failure, and you can get it fixed or repaired before being without heat. I always suggest when you see a hike in energy bills, that you take that as a red flag something is not working right and drawing too much power.

A classic situation Pro Solutions Air sees with these types of service calls is the heater is draining power to overcome a fault or break. You can rest assured Pro Solutions Air has been not only servicing and repairing all kinds of heaters for a very long time, and we are available 24/7 for emergency service. If you find yourself in this situation, call us at 623.229.4389 to schedule an appointment to check things out for you.

Then there is the Obvious, you are not getting any heat!

broken heaters can still produce heat sometimesWait just a minute, your heater may not be the problem at all.  It may be a component that helps your heater function like a popped breaker or maybe your thermostat was changed by someone, and the heating settings may not be correct.

  The thermostat may be the heating problem; they do wear out and break like all machinery.  You would be surprised how often we are called out to a call for no heat, and it is only the thermostat not set correctly.

You can call Pro Solutions Air to check your thermostat if your not sure how to at 623-229-4389 24/7.

Are you noticing loud or unusual noises in your house?

We have probably all had experiences of hearing weird things go bump in the night.  Sometimes these noises are heard in the night because everyone is resting, there are no televisions on or people talking to distract from the noises that are probably going on in the day.

Your home’s heater will sometimes start to make unusual noises when it is in trouble.  While the heater may still be seemingly working, blowing out warm air, these loud noises are usually a warning sign from your heater letting you know it needs some help.  It’s like your heater is screaming for help before it fails; listen to these noises in your house so you can get the heater repaired before it breaks entirely.

Some noises in your home’s heating system may even be warning you of a potentially dangerous situation about to happen. One example of a dangerous system is if a gas heat system starts making unusual clicking.  Unusual clicking noises in a gas system usually is a sign of a natural gas leak!

If anything is unusual with your home heating system, you know Pro Solutions Air is here to the rescue for you.


broken heaters can still produce heat sometimes

Author: TL Wade
Date 02/14/2019

broken heaters can still produce heat sometimes