Colder Than Usual Temperatures 2019

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What is going on with Phoenix and surrounding cities in 2019?!

winter 2019

SNOW, colder than usual temperatures and heaters working harder than normal to keep up.

There has been reported white-outs, people getting cold related illnesses and freezing roads.

The Farmer’s Almanac Predicted This!

Interesting how the farmer’s Almanac seems to be surprisingly accurate. Check out this link we found.  Click HERE

Phoenix has experienced freeze warnings, delays at the airport and more snowfall.

Is your heater up to the task?

The Arizona summers really take a toll on your air conditioner.  Did you know most air conditioners also serve as a heater, just ran in reverse mode of the air conditioner?  With that being said, if you haven’t had your home’s air conditioner or heater serviced, NOW IS THE TIME.  We are only in the beginning days of 2019, and the coldest of the cold isn’t even here yet. You can count on Pro Solution Air to help keep your family safe and warm throughout this 2019 cold spell.

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winter 2019

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